Top – 3 Attitude Questions

Don't be fooled by experience. A candidate may have had ten years experience, but it may have really been one year, that was bad and they have repeated it nine times! This begs the question, "What individual differences discriminate between top and average performers, what separates the best from the rest?"
Will the person be "customer driven"?
How will the person handle stress, work pace and work with other people?
Will they be reliable and dependable?
What's their follow through, personal organisation like?

Top-3 questions to identify bad attitude:
Cognitive: Give me an example of a job where you had to handle many simple or routine tasks during the day. What did you do?
Organization: Tell me about a time when you forgot to handle something and caused a problem. What happened?
Rules: Tell me about a time when you felt your process was working greate, and the company made a change in that process that you thought made it more difficult to do your job.

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