Business Testing Consulting in the Financial Industry, covering Mergers and
Acquisitions, Cloud-leaders implementations, and large outsourcing projects.

Large-Scale Cloud Implementations:

Today’s large projects in financial institutions implement one of the major cloud platforms (e.g.
Workday, Salesforce, Achievers…). There is an allure coming from “no coding, but configurations only,”
and lower maintenance costs.  However appealing, these benefits are generally coupled with unique
challenges – and handling those is our key expertise:

  • The need to significantly modify Bank’s business processes – as the cloud platforms’ available
    configurations are still limited!
  • The vendor will want nearly continuous (and early) testing by the bank’s business users (to verify
    configurations) during the build phase. Yet Bank’s business users will generally prioritize their
    day-to-day jobs over your project!
  • The necessity to establish interfaces (sometimes in hundreds) between the new platform, and
    the existing Bank’s systems. 
  • Testing must be conducted on the new interfaces, often including downstream systems (you
    probably don’t want to send something new to your GL system for the first time in production!)

Mergers and Acquisitions:

Bought a new bank? Now you have to migrate thousands of employees, customers and business
process. How will all this work? Testing is a major part of any acquisition or merger. We will:

  • Use risk-impact model to arrive at a meaningful testing scope
  • Engage all the participants necessary, and manage this work to closure

In the end, with necessary signoffs in place, you will have a stress-free go-live date!

Sounds like your project? If yes, we could be your best bet.  Contact us for an initial discussion and decide for yourself!